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Bodytree’s One Day School on Health is based on our community health curriculum. We invite you to learn and adopt some simple, basic ways to improve your health.


  • When air enters through the mouth it produces phlegm. With special attention, if you keep your mouth closed and breathe only through your nose, your health will improve.
  • Keeping your mouth closed reduces the risk of viral fevers and infections such as tuberculosis or H1N1; this will also improve the condition of people already suffering those infections.
  • Snoring and mouth breathing contribute to conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, skin disease, asthma, obesity and joint erosion.
  • Making a habit of holding water in your mouth whilst bathing, to improve your breathing pattern and prevent worsening of symptoms after bathing.
  • Exercise: To check your breathing habit in the night, as soon as you wake in the morning, breathe out normally, look at a watch and check how many seconds you can hold your breath comfortably. If your count is above 40 seconds, your breathing pattern and health are ok. If it is below 40 seconds you need to improve your breathing pattern.

Structure and posture

  • Your footprints should always be in a straight line. Make this a conscious habit and learn to walk with your body straight. Your footwear is important and should be flexible, with ankle support.
  • Exercise: Improve your general health by closing your mouth and walking on a straight line for 15 minutes daily or 90 minutes weekly. This should slowly improve breathlessness.

Drinking and eating

  • Drink according to your body weight: 40ml per Kg. The body absorbs three mouthfuls of water at a time. Taking sufficient fluid is essential to improve your breathing. Avoid letting your mouth get dry.
  • The quantity of food you eat is very important. A large meal increases breathing, so better eat less.
  • Chew food on both sides of your mouth, with your mouth closed.
  • Always sleep after your food has been digested.
  • 2 grams of fresh turmeric and 2 peppercorns added to food improves liver function and is also a good home remedy for pain in cancer patients.

Haemoglobin (iron)

  • Haemoglobin is vital for the body’s oxygen transportation. A minimum of 12 gm/dl of haemoglobin is important for good breathing and good health. Less than 12gm/dl is considered anaemia.
  • Good daily sources of iron could be 1 tsp sesame seeds, leafy vegetables or dates.


  • Avoid sleeping on your back or stomach. Always sleep on your active nostril side.
  • Snoring, urination in the sleeping hours, a dry mouth, decayed teeth and dental problems are some of the effects of mouth breathing at night.
  • Use a paper plaster (surgical tape, not fabric or plastic plasters) to keep your lips closed whilst you sleep. This will improve your quality of sleep, stop you snoring and enhance your breathing performance.


Every week, 8.00-9.00am, Monday to Friday, Bodytree offers training classes in the Trivandrum District of Kerala at the addresses below (registration time: 11am – 3pm). You should attend five consecutive classes in one week. Please register your name only when you can commit to attend for the full 5-day course.

Kallar: 0949 756 9993

Nedumangad, Opposite Block Office: 0472 281 3151




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