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• The promotion, preservation and protection of health for the public benefit, in particular the promotion of and the provision of training in Ayurveda and the traditional medicine of members of the indigenous communities, tribals, refugees and displaced people

• the advancement of education locally, nationally and internationally for the public benefit, in particular the general education of the people of India and other South Asian countries including in and from those areas and education in the traditional/indigenous medicine, customs, culture, arts, literature and architecture of the Beneficiary Communities;

• the relief of poverty, in particular of the Beneficiary Communities;

• the development of the capacity and skills of the members of socially and economically disadvantaged communities in particular the Beneficiary Communities, to enable them to identify and meet their needs.

• 5 year training programmes in Adivasi Ayurveda/traditional medicine for young people from different indigenous communities in India

• Concern with the conservation, cultivation and sustainable use of medicinal and aromatic plants.

• Applying traditional medicine practice for the management of health and disease, especially for chronic and genetic conditions

• Preparation of Ayurvedic and traditional herbal medicines

• Research, data collection and documentation of indigenous healing, cultural, architectural and agricultural practices

• Conducting community health and environmental awareness programmes using Bodytheatre techniques, especially for refugees, displaced people and indigenous communities all over India

• Organic farming with indigenous seeds and seedlings applying traditional agricultural practices

• Carrying out community foot massage

Offering traditional medicine primary health care service to the local community

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