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Bodytree India was set up in 2004 and registered as a charity in May 2005, by a group of health, education and human rights workers, to address issues such as health care access and the steady loss of traditional medical practices among isolated indigenous communities. Bodytree has established a successful educational programme that trains young people from different indigenous communities to become community health workers as well as running programmes of health education for community groups.

Bodytree raises awareness of the situation of the displaced tribal/Adivasi/indigenous communities in India and of the plight of refugees. It draws attention to the fragility of traditional knowledge systems, including traditional medicine. Bodytree is dedicated to the advancement of the general education and specific knowledge of traditional medicine, customs, culture, arts, literature and architecture of indigenous communities, refugees and displaced people.

There are 318 Adivasi Communities in India. By welcoming young indigenous people from different parts of India to live together, Bodytree has created a comfortable space for the sharing of indigenous knowledge, the exchange of language, culture and traditions.

Bodytree's students have learnt about each other's medical traditions, lifestyles, cultural and religious practices, tribal songs, dances, and histories. Their differences have created a special community spirit that is imbued with a determination to preserve and develop the diverse traditional knowledge systems of their own and other indigenous communities

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